At A Loose End On Sunday?

Then why not come along to the Bates Office cricket match?

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: Lordswood Sports & Social Club, North Dane way, Lordswood, Chatham, Kent, ME5 8YE

A Bates team are playing a young Lordswood side consisting of mainly under 15’s. In fact, the average age of the Lordswood side is 13, the average age of the Bates side is 40. Breathing apparatus will be provided for the Bates team!

The Bates team consist of: Michael Edmonds (captain), Spencer Osborne, Daniel Edmonds, Ross Evans, Frank Gogerty, Nigel Bateson, Mark Garside, John Folkhard, Adam Martin, Alan Millar  (wicket keeper) and David Taylor

Many of the Bates players have not played cricket for years and are slightly nervous. Although when asked how they felt about the match, a level of confidence shone through:

“My team are born winners and whatever happens on the day, they will always be my heroes.” – Michael

“Form is temporary, class is permanent.” – Ross

“I’m the Kevin Pietersen type player for Bates Office i.e. the star player that isn’t liked that much by my team mates who is just turning up to improve my batting & bowling averages.” – Adam

“Firstly I am delighted to have been asked to take part in what I think will be a great day – having the mentality to be a winner + I hate losing at anything I take part in, I will be the most competitive 18 stone 45 year old on the field. After having been first at the bar to fill up on the special fuel of courage I will take to the field to teach these young boys how to play cricket, it should be push over as I only finished playing in 1984 – surely you don’t forget how to play do you!!” – Mark

Stayed tuned to the Bates Office blog to see how they got on.


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