A Close Call…

So…it was a great day, the sun was beating down, the drink was flowing, and here in a nutshell is what happened on the fateful day Bates decided to take on the youngsters…

Bates needed 11 runs to win on the last over but didn’t quite make it but it was actually a close game.

Batting stars were Dave Taylor who retired on 30 runs, as did Daniel Edmonds. Other Bates boys who batted well were Ed Taylor, Frank Gogerty and Owen Moore.

Owen dropped three easy catches (groan).

Frank dropped one!

Adam tried to impersonate Kevin Pieterson’s batting technique after 7 pints and fell over on the wicket.

Joe bowled Frank out.

Lordswood had a ’ringer’ in the form of Kevin Masters (ex professional cricketer) who whacked a few sixes around and got some wickets.

Nigel got a GOLDEN DUCK but bowled well.

Michael also bowled well and umpired the second innings.

Alan Millar was a great wicket keeper and has lots of bruises to prove it.

Mark Garside decided to impersonate a roller and rolled over and over on the wicket to flatten it (he is quite large).

Spencer stood around looking pretty.

Ross was official photographer.


DSC_5209 DSC_5179DSC_5230 DSC_5065 DSC_4987 DSC_4967 DSC_0031

DSC_5046 DSC_5008


goldduckAnd I will leave the final comment to Nigel, who said: “I did not sleep on Sunday night at the thought of letting the team down with that GOLDEN DUCK (it was the best ball of the game). I do thank everyone for not going on about it (NOT). Anyway thanks for the day all and I will be in winter training ready for next year’s match….if asked.”

One thought on “A Close Call…

  1. Frank Gogerty

    IT WAS OVER MY HEAD I TELL YOU!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha I would like to thank Joe for the two evenings batting practice in the nets (as I have never played before) even though certain people believe this made no difference….ether I am a natural or just very lucky I think the latter. As for our very own KP (Adam) I am not sure what happened he had all the professional pads ,gloves, helmet (head protection version) I sat back and thought we are about to witness something very special completely confident that we would win he totally looked the part but sadly the rest is now history it was hilarious to watch. I think the headband got in his eyes?


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