Working Together? Living Together?

There are a few couples within Bates, like there are in many companies, so I thought I’d find out what it’s like to see the same face at work as you do at home…

photoSo, Rachel, both you and your husband, Andy, work at Bates – what jobs do you do? Andy works in the warehouse as a Manager and I work as Head of Procurement.

Did you meet Andy at work or elsewhere? Andy and I have known each other since primary school. When I went for the interview at Bates I didn’t actually know Andy worked there until after my interview was booked. Andy and I were very good friends before we actually went on a first date. I wasn’t sure things would work out as Andy wasn’t my usual type and was too nice!

And how long have you been married? 8 years now.

Did Bates get you a decent wedding present? Bates as always were very generous and supplied all our wedding invites. Jacki Joseph and her parents paid for my wedding cake. And various staff members gave us B&Q vouchers as we had recently purchased our first home together. Michael Edmonds even helped set up the Cricket Club on the morning of my wedding!!

What’s the best thing about working with your other half? Not having to pay for my guest at the Xmas party lol.

And the worst? We talk a lot about work at home.

Does your pillow talk centre around discussions about the latest innovations in stationery? As much as stationery excites both myself and Andy we try to leave that side of our life outside the bedroom.

Do you ever run out of sellotape at home? No not yet as I am very organised with stock in our household.

And finally, is there any advice you can give to other couples who work together? My advice would be communicate, have respect for yourself and each other, laugh with each other not at each other, don’t go to bed angry or hurt. Remember work is work it is not personal.


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