Monthly Archives: September 2013

30 Seconds With…

…the most important member of the Bates team:


Name? Floyd, but you can call me Boss.

Job? Security of course, when I’m not asleep under the desk.

Favourite member of staff and why? Apart from the two obvious ones – Michael & Dawn (suppose I’d better give them a mention as they will see this!) they are all a good bunch and give me a warm welcome every morning. To name a few; that Leasa’s a lovely lady and keeps me well stocked up on a treat or two. Dennis is a decent chap and has been known to share his ham roll with me on the odd occasion. And Sarah, well what can I say, I always look forward to lunch with Sarah especially when lasagne is on the menu (even though it leaves me with a ginger beard but there’s nothing wrong with being ginger). And Rachel, I know she doesn’t really mind me sniffing around in her bag as she often buys me a treat. (I know she’s my Secret Santa, I have a great sense of smell and this big nose helps)

Least favourite member of staff and why? I don’t have one, they are all my pals, although Nigel would have you believe I ignore and don’t like him. It’s not true mate I think you are a good singer and I haven’t mentioned the cricket! I was there watching on the day and thought you put in a good effort. I’m not too keen on postmen, but lucky for them they don’t have to come up to the office.

signing in for the day at reception

Favourite area of Bates? You can usually find me under the desk dozing but as you can see from my snap shots I also like the meeting table and red reception chair – it’s just the right size for me. I sometimes venture into the kitchen depending on who’s in there and what they are eating.

What could they change at Bates to make things better for you? Maybe a dog walking rota? I think I should have a chair at the next board meeting to mention that, they look like they have some good grub in there too when they break for lunch but I never seem to get in to sample it. This could be my chance. But then again I like the quiet life and don’t usually like being disturbed for a walk if I’m in a deep sleep.

Do you think you get paid enough? What’s that then! Absolutely, I’m paid more than enough love & attention if that’s what you mean.

Do you think more animals should run Bates or are there enough animals running it already? I like my job so will keep quiet on this one. It’s nice to see my four legged friend Stitch from the accounts dept every now and then. I wouldn’t mind more of my kind here as long as they realise whose boss – well Chief of Security!

Now I hope I haven’t exceeded my 30 second slot, but just a word of warning – if this blog doesn’t get the most likes there will be some serious ankle biting (watch out Nigel).

Always on guard

Floydie xx