I’m Exhausted Just Reading This…

I thought it was time we found out a little more about what people do outside of work, so here’s an interview with the very energetic Bob from our Crewe office:

What do you do when you aren’t working? I am a Fitness Instructor and have taught Spinning for over 20 years.

I hear you’ve just done a great job of raising money for charity, tell us more about it: Myself and two other instructors have just raised over £2000 for two local charities. We did a 6 hour class called SPUMBASIZE. We enlisted the help of normal class members and challenged them to do all three two hour classes, and to collect sponsor money.


Erm, what is SPUMBASIZE? It’s a made up word consisting of two hours Spinning followed by two hours of Kettlesize, followed by two hours of Zumba.


But that’s not all you’ve done is it? No, we have just done a pink night at a local hotel, The Tollgate Hotel and Leisure, who kindly allowed us to host a Pink Night in aid of breast cancer, Fortunately the Hotel was also hosting a group of 60 Norwegians who had come over to watch Stoke City FC, Although being prolific drinkers they were equally generous, and we were able to raise £330 on the night which will be sent to Breast Cancer Research.

Any other fundraising events coming up? We will be planning our next charity scheme in the new year but next for me is a holiday at the end of November in Lanzarote with 10 other members from the gym, Woooohoooo!!!

Thanks Bob, and keep up the good work while I go and have a sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit.

One thought on “I’m Exhausted Just Reading This…

  1. Michael

    Well done Bob, never knew you had so much time on your hands. Only kidding, keep up the great charity work, you’re a credit to the business and community.


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