It’s Only A Game, Right?

Jake from our Crewe office is a lover of the Beautiful Game so we decided to have a little chat about it… 

Jake in action, in black & white

Jake in action, in black & white

I hear you are a keen footballer, who do you play for? I play on both Saturday and Sunday. On a Saturday I play for Alsager Town FC and on a Sunday I play for AFC Alsager.

How long have you been playing? I’ve been playing for a team since I was 10.

What position do you play? Well, I play all over the place really, through my career I’ve played in every position possible. But recently mainly I play Centre Back or Right Back 🙂

What’s the highest goal count your team has achieved in one match? In child football my team won 17-1 which was good but a bit harsh on the other team. (I scored 4 of the 17). And in adult football the most my team won was 6-1.

And the lowest? Haha bit of a sore subject, we recently lost 10-0 for my Sunday team. In our defence we only had 10 men & a few were still under the influence from the night before.

Have you ever dreamed of making football your full time career? Of course, what boy/man doesn’t?

If so, who would you want to play for? Be silly if I didn’t say the best team in England… Man Utd.

Who would be your perfect WAG and why? Michelle Keegan. Just WOW.

Thank you Jake, and good luck with the rest of the season.


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