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A Future Cricket Star…

Did you know that Bates has a rising star in it’s midst?

Jacki, our Finance Director, has a 14 year old son who has recently been chosen to play for the Kent County Cricket Summer Squad 2015.

We felt it only right that we share this exciting news with you, and if you don’t already know Ed, here’s some questions he answered for us:

So Ed, when did you start playing cricket? When I was 8.

Why did you start playing cricket? Because all my family plays and my PE teacher said I was quite talented so I went to training and got chosen for the team that week. It was very exciting.

Where did you start playing? I have always played for Lordswood Cricket Club, but my first cricket experience was at school.

What’s your favourite position on the team? I prefer batting but I really like wicket keeping and some matches I also bowl.

Who is your favourite cricketer? Chris Gayle, he plays for the West Indies.

What has been your highest ever score? My highest score was 109 runs last season.

And how proud is your mum of you?┬áDon’t even go there!

Anything else you want to tell us about? In 2014 I won batsman of the season for the Medway League Under 13’s and Under 16’s, and also Bowler of the Season for the under 13’s.

Quite a talented lad then! Thank you for your time Ed. Good luck with the upcoming season and let us know how you get on.