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It’s All About The Cricket…


On 3rd August Bates played Lordswood in two 20/20 cricket matches. It was a brilliant day and here’s a brief match summary ….

Nigel Bateson got a duck but did take a wicket with his first ball.

Performance of the day was from Tom Kirton who retired on 30 runs and took a few wickets, Michael French and Mark Ruddy for Lordswood also retired on 30 runs.

Ed Taylor got a golden duck in the second innings but did bowl Richard Cross out!

Joe Joseph bowled Tom Kirton out, but this was revenge for Tom taking his wicket in the first innings. Last minute wicket keeper for Bates, Ed Hensman, was solid behind the stumps and also batted well.

Alan Millar sustained a hamstring injury in the first three overs and had to sit and drink wine for the rest of the day.

Adam Martin didn’t fall over this time and managed to get about 7 runs.

Bates performed well against a strong Lordswood side and although Bates lost, it was close.

Here are some expertly taken photos of the day…


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New Frontiers…

Below is a picture of our newly opened site in Chippenham. A 4,000 sq foot office and distribution centre servicing the South West UK and South Wales.

This allows us to extend our desk top delivery service and enhance service levels – part of the plan to be the multi-local supplier of choice in the UK.

If you haven’t already, sign up to the Bates Blog to hear about other exciting new ventures first.


30 Years Ago Today…

…Julie from the Crewe office joined the Bates family and I have a special message for her from all her friends at Bates:

“From everyone within the group we would like to congratulate you, Julie, on a commendable achievement and for being such a loyal member of the team, even today you still remain as dedicated & passionate as the day you joined the company. From all you dearest friends, well done”




And Now

In the beginning…

I thought I’d have a little natter with Michael, Managing Director of Bates, about how and when the Bates dream began and this is what I found out…

When did Bates start trading? 1940

How many staff were there? 2

Where were their first offices? In the heart of the City of London

Who was the founder? George Henry Bates

GH Bates

What was the Bates business originally? A typewriter repair business

Who was their first client? Winston Churchill’s Government

How did Bates move forward? George Henry Bates was an invalid and couldn’t fight in the second world war. War-torn London was desperate for typewriter engineers and GH Bates Typewriters was founded. In the 1950’s my father, Peter Edmonds, joined as an apprentice and George Henry hung up his screwdrivers in 1962 and it was left to my father to keep the business going.

When did it start to evolve into what it is now? The 1980’s saw the demise of the typewriter but along came the thermal paper roll fax machine! The market was evolving at a very fast pace and the business set up an office products division (me!). There was a management buyout in 1997 by myself, Jacki (Finance Director) and Spencer (Executive Director).

How old were you when you first got involved in Bates, and why did you get involved? I joined the family business 31 years ago straight from school and why did I get involved? Well, every day I keep asking myself that question! “Work hard, my boy, and you will be successful” was my grandfather’s childhood advice to me. Seriously, it’s the people you meet along the way and knowing that we are true solution providers.


How many staff and offices are there now? We have approximately 130 dedicated and loyal staff that operate from our 5 hubs across the UK.

What is your dream for the future of Bates? That may seem like a straightforward question on the surface but one I always struggle answering. You know, I don’t have a specific plan in relation to turnover, GP or locations as each year so much can change.



30 Seconds With…

Come and say hello to another member of our staff:

IMG-20131217-WA0004Name: Ross

Which office are you based in? Crayford

How long have you worked for Bates? 17 or 18 years (it’s all become a bit of a blur)

What do you do at Bates? Senior Account Manager

What’s the best thing about working here? I never make my own coffee

And the worst? Not trading 7 days a week

What’s your favourite piece of stationery? My ruler

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ferris Bueller

What is your guilty pleasure? Welsh Rugby and working weekends

30 Seconds With…

IMG_5813Name? Bev

Which office are you based in? Crewe

What do you do at Bates? I’m the dreaded debt collector and help Jacki with the accounts

How long have you worked here? 3 years

What’s the best thing about working here? I live close by (although I have no excuse for being late) and I enjoy the company of the other staff

And the worst? Ordering bacon sandwiches in when I’m on a diet

What’s your favourite piece of stationery? A pencil – you can rub it out and start again

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t want to grow up any more – I am one of the oldest in the office so would like to be 21 again!

What is your guilty pleasure? I love watching my grandson playing plus there’s another on the way. I also love holidays and eating out, hence the reason I’m always on a diet.

It’s Only A Game, Right?

Jake from our Crewe office is a lover of the Beautiful Game so we decided to have a little chat about it… 

Jake in action, in black & white

Jake in action, in black & white

I hear you are a keen footballer, who do you play for? I play on both Saturday and Sunday. On a Saturday I play for Alsager Town FC and on a Sunday I play for AFC Alsager.

How long have you been playing? I’ve been playing for a team since I was 10.

What position do you play? Well, I play all over the place really, through my career I’ve played in every position possible. But recently mainly I play Centre Back or Right Back 🙂

What’s the highest goal count your team has achieved in one match? In child football my team won 17-1 which was good but a bit harsh on the other team. (I scored 4 of the 17). And in adult football the most my team won was 6-1.

And the lowest? Haha bit of a sore subject, we recently lost 10-0 for my Sunday team. In our defence we only had 10 men & a few were still under the influence from the night before.

Have you ever dreamed of making football your full time career? Of course, what boy/man doesn’t?

If so, who would you want to play for? Be silly if I didn’t say the best team in England… Man Utd.

Who would be your perfect WAG and why? Michelle Keegan. Just WOW.

Thank you Jake, and good luck with the rest of the season.


I’m Exhausted Just Reading This…

I thought it was time we found out a little more about what people do outside of work, so here’s an interview with the very energetic Bob from our Crewe office:

What do you do when you aren’t working? I am a Fitness Instructor and have taught Spinning for over 20 years.

I hear you’ve just done a great job of raising money for charity, tell us more about it: Myself and two other instructors have just raised over £2000 for two local charities. We did a 6 hour class called SPUMBASIZE. We enlisted the help of normal class members and challenged them to do all three two hour classes, and to collect sponsor money.


Erm, what is SPUMBASIZE? It’s a made up word consisting of two hours Spinning followed by two hours of Kettlesize, followed by two hours of Zumba.


But that’s not all you’ve done is it? No, we have just done a pink night at a local hotel, The Tollgate Hotel and Leisure, who kindly allowed us to host a Pink Night in aid of breast cancer, Fortunately the Hotel was also hosting a group of 60 Norwegians who had come over to watch Stoke City FC, Although being prolific drinkers they were equally generous, and we were able to raise £330 on the night which will be sent to Breast Cancer Research.

Any other fundraising events coming up? We will be planning our next charity scheme in the new year but next for me is a holiday at the end of November in Lanzarote with 10 other members from the gym, Woooohoooo!!!

Thanks Bob, and keep up the good work while I go and have a sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit.