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It’s Good To Care…

We do not just pay lip service to caring for the community that we live in, Bates Office takes very seriously it’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and in fact we were one of the primary ‘movers and shakers’ in the office supplies world, to encourage our industry to improve the way it behaves.

To this extent Bates Office was one of the first office supplies companies to achieve ISO14001 through BSI and achieved Carbon Neutral status in 2007.

We were one of the few suppliers chosen by the BBC to take part in their world environment day. Our environmental credentials are such that we can even count the Carbon Neutral company as a customer.

But it’s not even just about the green stuff!

There is more to being truly CSR than waving an ecology flag. Bates Office believes passionately that it’s not just good enough to be seen as a good neighbour, but you should also contribute something positive back into the local, national and international community.

So stay tuned and over the next few weeks we’ll be telling you what we do to try and make the world a greener place.